Enamel pins are handmade individually, and due to the nature of handmade items, they are rarely 100% free of flaws. That being said, all pins are meticulously checked and graded by me personally before going on sale, so you can be assured that you will receive a quality product! :3

My pins are divided into 2 grades,

Standard Grade

    Standard grade pins are free of major flaws, but minor flaws may be present.
      • Small scratches
      • Polish marks
      • Small dots/bubbles
      • Slightly uneven fills
      • Minor discoloration
      • Slight misalignment of screen-printing


      B-grade pins may have more noticeable flaws of those listed above including,
        • Oxidisation on metal
        • Smudges/stain on enamel and metal
        • Large low fill areas

      B-Grade pins do not ship with backer cards shown in listing.

      I do not offer any mint condition/collector grade pins. Thanks for your support!